Grade A Pyrite Cluster Set in 18K Gold Plated Silver

Delicate yet powerful.

Each piece is 100% unique and handmade with the Grade A Pyrite from Peru. Pyrite brings prosperity, wealth, personal power and luck!

It’s important to keep this stunning piece dry as Pyrite oxidizes and changes color in water. These piece are incredible unique and special. Don’t forget to take this beauty off before jumping in the ocean or in the shower and when going to do a sweaty activity. 

You will not find another piece like this!

Length: 13.5" with 2" extender chain

Care:  Take off before going into water and sweating!  These are for pierced ears.  It is recommended to take it off when exercising, swimming, hot tub, putting sunscreen on your skin, etc, basically any activity that can expose your jewelry to mix of sweat and harsh chemicals for a period of time. When that happens, you can remove the chemical buildup by rinsing it with lukewarm water and mild soap, but always better to prevent it in the first place when possible. The best way to store it when you’re not using it for a while is in a dry, air-tight ziplock bag. 

Pyrite Choker


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