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We'll let you in on a little known secret



- most of that celeb hair you're lusting after most likely has a few (or a LOT of!) hair extensions lurking.  We can help you achieve that hair of your dreams whether it be thick, long and luxurious - or you just want a little extra oomph to your current do'.  

XTRA by Rebel

 Xtra by Rebel is our own brand of hand-tied hair extensions.  They are the thinnest wefts on the market and the quality is outstanding.  Our hair is completely customizable for color matching to our clients' hair creating a seamless blend.  The Rebel Method is used to apply the hair extensions using a string and bead track technique done by only our experts.  Our Hand-tied wefts have the thinnest track on the market and they are super light in weight with the maximum amount of hair per track.  

Rebel Artists are extremely well versed in most extension methods,

We prefer our beaded row method based on its flawless beauty, lack of damage and comfort.