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  • How long with the trials take
    Hair and makeup trials are scheduled for 1 hour for each service. If you would like extra time, please add it to your appointment. Trials are $150 each and $100 per hour booked after the first hour. Booking for extra time is always by the hour.
  • Everything you need to know about hair and makeup trials
    We recommend setting up your hair trials about a month before your wedding date. Trials are held during the week only. Tuesday - Friday at 285 Nicoll street at Rebel Salon. Trials are designed for you and your beauty specialist to get on the same page and make your hair and makeup goals come true for your wedding day or special event. Hair Trials are for trying looks and learning about what is in your head to make your hair goals a reality. Please come with clean dry hair. Those myths of dirty hair are exactly that.... myths. Please bring all your beautiful accessories. Its always great to see everything put together to really get the feel of how it will look. We also suggest if possible to wear something with the same neckline as your dress. This is great for a hair trial to really see your vision come to life. Do not expect longevity in hairstyles on your trial day. Your stylist goes into them learning about what you like and needs your hair to be able to change as you both build your desired look. Sometimes brides like to try different looks and this requires us to make sure the hair is malleable. Therefore we do not secure things at your trial like we would on your wedding day. If you are looking to see if your style will last and you would like to only try 1, then let your stylist know your intentions at your trial so you can gain the desired experience. Makeup trials are for you and your makeup artist to learn about what you like and don't like. What colors are amazing for you to enhance your desired look. Do you like airbrush or traditional application? Glam, natural, etc. Please come to your makeup trial with your face clean, moisturized and with no previous makeup residue. Please let us know if you have any allergies to skincare or makeup products What we would like you to know We all look different in a mirror than we do on camera. If you are not used to volume in your hair, or a lot of makeup, we totally understand. Please take a step back and take some photos so you can really see what the camera captures. Your photos are what you are going to have as a remembrance for your wedding day. Bring whoever you want to enjoy this experience with you. We love families and want you to have the experience you desire. (Be careful to not allow too many opinions. This is your wedding, make it your dream, not someone else's.) WE LOVE PHOTOS AND INSPIRATION! Send us everything you are looking at. We love to see the photos you are relating to so we can better get into your head and provide the experience you desire.
  • Wedding Day Logistics and Timing
    Wedding days are stressful enough without having to worry about the flow of you and your bridal party's beauty schedule. Rebel Brides beauty team is like a fine oiled machine. We do not put a schedule together. We work simultaneously and continuously with each of our hair and makeup artists. There is always someone in a chair getting beautified. Our artists take about 30 minutes for hair and 30 minutes for makeup for bridal party guests and 45 mins to 1 hour for hair and 45 min to 1hr for makeup for the bride. We allow for an hour extra when determining the day to give ourselves a grace period. We also recommend finish time for the entire bridal party to be about an hour before you all need to be ready for photos or to head to the venue. More if the venue is not within 15 minutes. The bride will be getting ready in accordance to the timing of the photographer. We want you to be started before your photographer gets there and finished 30 - 45 minutes before you need to be at your venue. This allows for plenty of photos of you getting into your dress, photos with your party etc. Depending on your chosen look, we may prepare and set your hair first upon arrival and then call you back for finishing later. We will communicate that to you before the day. We do require all member of the bridal party to be at the location ready for their services at the start of the day. When members of the party come late, it can really slow down and effect the flow of the morning. Please make sure everyone has clean dry hair unless getting a blow out. For makeup we require clean, makeup free skin with their daily moisturizer.
  • How long with the hair and makeup artists be staying on the day?
    Once our hair and makeup artists have finished their services and have made sure payment has been completed properly for the services that they have performed, they will be leaving you to enjoy this time with your family and friends. If you would like any particular artist to stay. Either for a second look or for after ceremony touch ups, there is a fee of $175 per hour for that artist to stay with you for your day. This type of service needs to be determined and agreed upon by the service provider before the wedding day and added to the bridal contract.
  • Will you travel to my location?
    Our artists will perform services in the salon and on location. There is a travel fee per artist when providing services on location. This will be calculated from their home destination to the venue where services will be rendered and is 0.95 cents per mile round trip. You will also be responsible for all parking, tolls, ferry rides, flights, and hotel accommodations if required.
  • Weddings starting at 6am and out of state
    All out of state wedding services starting before 9am, weddings more than 1.5 hrs away and wedding services that need to be started at 6am or earlier will require hotel accommodations for the artists. Each artist will require their own room.
  • Will fake tan affect my makeup
    Yes! Its absolutely will, so please communicate if you are planning on bronzing yourself in the run-up to your wedding day, so that the artist is prepared with the correct colors and shades. We recommend going to a professional and having your tan hand applied to ensure the most gorgeous natural glow. Someone who specialized in bridal tanning will be best. Our favorite company for hand applied bridal tanning is Skin & Tonic in New Milford CT
  • What brands of makeup do you use?
    The products we use are allergy tested and of the highest standard for your wedding day. Please let us know if you have allergies to specific types of makeup. Each of our artists has built up their own kits with lots of choices to give you the best experience possible. If you need to know more specifics we can get your specific artists list of products and email it to you. Here is a list of a few of the brands we currently use Kept Cosmetics RMS Ilia Naked
  • Would you be open to using my own makeup?
    We understand that for some brides it is paramount that they use their own make-up, especially if they have sensitive skin. Bring your makeup to the trial and decide exactly what you will be using, and make sure you don’t forget your makeup (if you have to bring it) on the day!
  • Do you have the right makeup/makeup skills for my skin tone?
    Our artists have extensive knowledge of all skin types and tones. We come prepared with everything so we can customize colors that are just right for you.
  • What will happen if you can’t make it on my wedding day?
    We will always have a professional at the ready to make sure you look flawless on your wedding day. We have a long list of artists we can call on just in case your stylist cannot show in an emergency. And we will do everything we can to get you an amazing replacement. But make sure you have a contingency plan, accidents do happen!
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